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Main Restaurant

Our Main Restaurant, which interprets many world-famous kitchens in different ways and has a wide range of tastes with its dining options; Breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, dinner and night meal are served as open buffet.

The Flavour

For our valued guests, we offer meals from 5 different countries with selected dishes from the world cuisine.

Al Baccio

We offer the rich variety of Italian cuisine to our guests.


Turkish Cuisine`s rich variety of cold, hot appetizers; Pastries cooked in wood fire in our special ovens such as pita, lahmacun, and the gözleme prepared by the traditional Turkish women by speaking their arts are waiting for you.



The unique seafood offered by the Mediterranean. You can witness the transformation into magical tables with menus prepared in the skillful hands of our masters.


Teppenyaki , where an exotic Far Eastern environment and authentic Teppenyaki masters demonstrate their skills, promise a unique dining experience.Please Note: * Teppenyaki is subject to an additional fee and is not included in the all-inclusive meal option.


Few things are better than a fine meal at the best steak restaurant.  The ambiance is special too. Deep colors, wood textures, wood tables and suited waiters - these restaurant don't just offer up a meal; they deliver an experience.

The privilege of sipping enjoyment

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