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As Jacaranda Hotel Magic Life Management;

  • To show in the hotel industry, an understanding of management with innovative goal, idealistic, and continuous improvement
  • Ensure the satisfaction of our guests, with guest-oriented approach, without compromising on quality and resources,
  • Awareness of guests and our staff, information, and opportunities for continuous development and improvement by raising awareness through training to create,
  • Standards and all applicable laws / regulations for quality, food safety, environmental and health and safety of workers to satisfy
  • To consider employee satisfaction, ensure suggestions and wishes,
  • Ensure the occupational health and safety requirements for our employees and our guests, and to minimize guests accidents
  • From raw material to the presentation keep the whole process of production under control and to produce safe food,
  • Correct and efficient use of natural resources to choose environmentally friendly products,
  • Provision of effective waste management and to reducewaste,
  • By respect for the environment and the new generation, to raise awareness of guests and staff for the Environment,
  • The creation of a corporate culture with the local population integrated , which respects human rights and the rights of animals,
  • Apart from accommodation and ancillary activities to be involved in social responsibility projects and maintain the responsibilities

We commit.


We give an undertaking as Jacaranda Hotel Magic Life Management,

  • Always keep communication channels open between employees and managers
  • Ensure that employees can discuss issues with managers in all matters
  • If necessary, the employee can contact the Human Resources Manager
  • If the solution can not be reached, the employee can contact to the General Manager.
  • Therefore, we are obliged to find a problem solution for the employees
  • Always reserve the right to apply to a senior manager by taking into account the line of authority andresponsibility and the rules of good faith at every point where the employee remains unsolved

We commit.


As Senior Management of Magic Life Jacaranda Hotel;

We give an undertaking;

  • Employees should follow the legal obligations on health and work safety closely,Following the legal obligations and putting them into practice with regards to the health and working security of the employees.
  • Regularly observing the conditions and constantly improving with routine inspections,
  • Predetermining of the risks and taking preventive actions like educating them to ensure the facility employeesthat they can work safe, healthy and happy
  • Creating awareness with the slogan of ‘My Health, My Safety, My Work’ based on the Law of No:6331 onOccupational Health and Safety.


We are fully determined to support the children’s rights as declared by the UNICEF, in particular the following articles:

  • Education, Every child has the education right which advance completely his/her ownpersonalities, talents and abilities.
  • Health, Every child has the right for health care, clean water, nutritious food and a safeenvironment so they can be as healthy as possible.
  • Childhood, Every child should be provided with the extra care, protection and opportunitiesfor relaxing and playing that they need to ensure avoiding from personal exploitation or adulthood responsibilities.
  • Fairness, All children have the same rights, regardless of their ethnicity, genders, beliefs, HIVstatus, abilities or family background. Yet every day children, like adults, are exposed to discrimination for number of reasons.
  • Voice, Every child has the voice right on matters that affect them and their views should betaken seriously in accordance with their age and maturity.
  • All forms of children abuses including the sexual abuse are not allowed within the boundaries ofthe hotel.


We as managers of the Magic Life Jacaranda guarantee that;

  • The minors and with forced no employees,
  • Occupational safety and health,
  • For the staff, shower, drinking water, food, transport, to organize bedrooms
  • Employees can choose their own syndicate, become a member, etc
  • In the case of an application, compensation, training, reward, termination or annuity, no breed, religion, caste, nationality, disability, sex,
  • sexual preferences, the association, the member of the trade union committee and the political views in no case,
  • Under no circumstances is physical, mental and oral compulsion accepted,
  • The problems of the hiring are sorted by Human Resource,
  • The working hours correspond to the law
  • Weekly no more than 45 hours work and at least once a week Free,
  • The overtime does not pay more than 12 hours per week, to regulate and overtime or to give as a free,
  • Employees who work more than 1 year after the law leave their annual leave
  • Keep the service wage in a certain point,
  • Because of disciplinary deduction,
  • Pay the wages by a certain bank to the employees,
  • The necessary precautions to prevent child abuse,
  • In a case of child abuse, physical or physical violence, we show sensitivity as a hotel management and follow the child safety regulations
  • Keep children in a positive way



We give an undertaking

  • The electrical devices are characterized in only by A-C,
  • The purchase succeeds by the local supplier but if between the other supplier a price and quality differentiates the other supplier is selected,
  • When buying, care is taken that the device is economical and environmentally friendly and the documentation of the device is required by the supplier
  • Through many quantity of purchase is taken care that the packaging is recyclable
  • The air-conditioning systems should be marked with A and therefore also a lower environmental pollution
  • It should be as recyclable as possible,

taahhüt ederiz.


It is of paramount importance that our presence does not negatively impact on the cultural identity of our host countries.

  • We strive to build a strong cultural awareness and respect amongst ourselves.
  • Please contribute to the protection of local historical, archaeological, cultural and spiritual importance of properties and sites, improving awareness and access to them for local residents
  • We are happy our clients and staff with the unique opportunity to live and work alongside rural communities, away from the traditional tourist circuit so that they can experience the true essence of the country they are visiting, creating a wholly positive experience for both visitors and hosts
  • Please use waste bins, do not smoke, do not speak loudly, do not visit these places if you feel drunk and follow other written rules during your visits to local historical, archaeological, culturally and spiritually important buildings and places
  • Historical/archaeological artefacts are not sold, traded or displayed except as permitted by law
  • Our volunteer code of conduct can include established guidelines for visits to culturally or historically sensitive sites
  • Please ask for more specific information to our guest relation department about where you are planning to visit
  • We ensure that visits to local culturally/historically significant places are incorporated into our volunteer programmes wherever possible


As Jacaranda Hotel Magic Life Management,

We give an undertaking,

  • To work with the selected institutions and socially and economically to support the district
  • Buying products as close as possible,
  • To help reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles during transport,
  • To prefer the people of the region in recruitment preferences,
  • To help the economic development of the local tradesman,
  • Free food and beverage presentation and guest hospitality to local organizations such as weak groups and disabled groups,
  • To support successful students in sponsoring and providing facilities and services for local events and organizations
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