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On the South Shore A completely different dream…

With all the details that make the holidays special, the concept prepared with care and its unique location in the Mediterranean, TUI Magic Life Jacaranda offers you holiday experiences that will make you dream new. Discover ...

TUI Magic Life Jacaranda

You are in a warm place where the Mediterranean sun blows its sincere smiles. The rooms that dominate the dazzling turquoise blue sea and Lake Houses, where you can increase

Holiday Bundles

Family Holidays

The value of being together as a family multiplies exponentially! Experience the joy, taste, fun-filled moments and more with the difference of Jacaranda.

For kids

Their cheerful laughter and smiling eyes are worth everything ... Take action to give them a holiday experience that will bring them magical happiness, and give their sparkling world a whole new color.

Honeymoon Vacation and Special Occasions

The other name of romanticism is Mediterranean… How about crowning your honeymoon vacation in TUI Magic Life Jacaranda with magical happiness in the Mediterranean? Discover our honeymoon concept.

Early reservation

The taste of the holiday should not be on your palate; As the jacaranda holidays get longer! Come and get the best prices now. Enjoy our very special concept.


Wouldn`t it be great if a Mediterranean getaway to make your weekends special? Get ready for unforgettable weekends at TUI Magic Life Jacaranda.

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